My initial thought when I read was to suggest you look at the ingredients on the products you're using. It sound like they might have glycerin or protein and because of dew points in Toronto it might be affecting her hair. Protein is my second thought because of the all of a sudden it was frizzy. Sounded like protein overload on protein sensitive hair. I know enough to be dangerous, but look at the protein sensitive board for signs that might be the case and if it is prod reccomendations. Once you find out that you should be able to find products locally that don't cost too much.
Me: 3c, very thick
BC- May 2010
Current routine:
pre poo: avacado, banana babyfood, grapeseed oil, and silk amino acid. Cleanser: DC No Poo 1x a week and BC 1x a week. DT: GVP Cond balm and grape seed oil
Co-wash: GVP CD, TJ tea tree
Leave-in: GVP CD, TJ tea tree, and grape seed oil
Styling: HETT and castor oil
DD (8 & 6 yo): both4s (1 thick, 2 thin) keep in 2strand twists
DD (4yo): 3b (very thin, hard to grow) keep in single braids with lots of beads for protection