okay so this is going to be something of a novel so i apologize, but i just want to warn anyone i can about this because mane n tail will make your hair sad.

so last december, i had very very long hair that i straightened every day or every other day. it wasn't THAT unhealthy, i mean obviously it was dry but it was still pretty shiny and all that. anyway, i decided i really wanted blue hair, so when i came home for winter break i bleached my hair to near-white and used manic panic dye.
well, it didn't work. for some reason the dye just didn't take at all. and i didn't want blonde hair, so i just dyed black over it.
you can probably guess by now that my hair was disgustingly mushy and stretchy and all-around weak, so i had it chopped from near waist-length to chin-length. i was still straightening, though.
my hair from that point on was gross. i didn't dye it again until august when i dyed the bottom layer and a chunk of my bangs blonde. that was damaging. i'm an idiot, i know. but then i decided to get serious and stop dyeing my hair once and for all, so for the last time in early september i dyed it black again and bought mane n tail.
for a while my hair loved it. it got stronger and seemed to grow a little faster.
unfortunately, i didn't know it was absolutely loaded with proteins. my hair got what it needed and then once it was through, it was protein overload. then my hair was too dry and i didn't know why. i had stopped straightening and dyeing. i had been using moroccan oil hair treatments. i had stopped washing every day, even. and my hair was somehow frizzier and dryer and terrible-er than ever. it seemed to be getting worse daily and i didn't get it!
it wasn't until i got to this site that i realized what i was doing to myself.... ugh. i can't imagine ever doing to my hair what i did to it ever again. i'm very sorry, hair.