I'm 15 and a 3b/3a. Friday, I got my hair cut and dyed. I had to dye it because I had some pretty obnoxious highlights I didn't want to keep. It's been a few days and my hair isn't quite the texture or curl pattern it used to be. It used to be more 3a and now my curls are much more separated and small. (3b) I'm not a huge fan. My hair is a lot shorter now because my curls spring up so much now. It's very disappointing because I was working on growing my hair out so my it wouldn't be as poofy. I use bumble and bumble curl calming cream and reactivating mist. What product should I be using to sort of relax these crazier curls?? I'm hoping to draw them out more and sorta relax them. (It would be really great if I could find it at walgreens or CVS)


The first 3 photos are before, last is after.

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Now that it's been like 4 days, my hair is starting to get a tad better. The colors a bit lighter and less dull and because I've been braiding my hair 24/7, it's not tight thin kinkyish curs anymore. I'm washing it again tonight or tomorrow and I'm sorta afraid about what the outcome might be!! Still any suggestions anybody??

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