Well the place I bought said they could only fulfill a portion of my order as they were back ordered. So right now they're sending me four, which is what I think I'd reasonably use within two years. If they can get more, and i get it, I'll let you know.

The customer service rep I was emailing with said no one was happy about the discontinuation, but that they ended up liking the bar better. I scoffed at that, myself.

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"And politically correct is the worst term, not just because itís dismissive, but because it narrows down the whole social justice spectrum to this idea that itís about being polite instead of about dismantling the oppressive social structure of power.
Fun Fact: When you actively avoid being ďPC,Ē youíre not being forward-thinking or unique. Youíre buying into systems of oppression that have existed since before you were even born, and youíre keeping those systems in place."