I always had very curly, soft, medium-tight curls since I was a kid. I Went through a lot of GYN issues since 2008 with a lot of meds and all. However, I never had a problem with my hair. My hair had crazier parts in puberty - used to be so crazy that with any humidity it would poof, and now it is STICK STRAIGHT at the crown of my head and seems to want to curl at the roots but tuckers out.

I went from TriCLow to Loestrin and then went cold turkey, but the straight hair started when I went back on the pill with Aviane December of 2009.

Should I switch? I've never heard of this Aviane BC before - I'm just afraid of hormonal imbalance with pH levels and whatnot.

Point being, I have little to no self-confidence without my natural hair. I have to style and curl everything because I look like a cocker-spaniel with this weird pin-straight burnt out hair. I can't even wear it in a ponytail because it sticks straight out in the back.

My friends think I'm crazy. But I KNOW I'M NOT!

Any suggestions?