My Votes:

1)Jessicurl - Too Shea

Drugstore Conditioner:
Suave - Milk and Honey

Gel type things:
Curly Hair Soulutions - Curl Keeper

Jessicurl - Confindent Coils

I love Jessicurl so much! Elucence is my second choice, and I'm going to buy a liter of it so I can use it when I run out of Jessicurl. Its a teensy bit cheaper so I'm going to use it when I'm running low, need to detanglea bunch, etc, etc. Stuff like that. Too Shea is my big favorite though for sure.
Well really those things can't be fairly grouped toghether I dont think...I haven't tried biolage. I love RR for enhancing my non curly sections but it makes my curls too think elsewhere on my head. And CK, is what I use on rainy days under my cream when I don't wanna be frizzy.
Confident Coils is totally my HG. I get awesome clumping with it. :-)
Suave is my "OMG I'm out of conditioner!" Product. I also give it out to guests because I know it can work on lots off diff hair and work well.
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