Hes so mysterious, and that box!! Just a typewriter? Lol I feel like there's gotta be more to it than that!

Anyone have any theories on how Emma will break the curse?
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I'm interested in the new guy too. Like for instance, how was he able to enter storybrook, was he a a storybook character too? Anyone remember any fairytale characters that have a talent for writing?

Got this theory about Henry's father from another forum.
"Peter Peter pumpkin eater had a wife and couldn't keep her. Had another and didn't love her..." blah blah blah (I forgot the rest). But this could explain why he "couldn't stay with Emma" and why she said he liked pumpkin pie so much.

I think breaking the curse will either require getting everyone to remember who they really are or defeating The Queen (Regina?), Mr. Gold, or both (since their deal made the curse in the first place).
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My daughter was wondering if he's the guy who wrote all of the fairy tales.
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Hmm, that's interesting! So maybe like a brother from the "Brothers Grimm"

I wonder if that you make him like the "God" of the fairytale world. That would explain why he can come and go as he pleases