Hi, I desperatley need help with my 3 year old. I am biracial (black/white), hubby is black. I need some serious help with my 3 year old. Im not the most skilled at AA hair. My hair is relaxed and before relaxing, I had wavy curls. My daughters hair is the complete opposite!
I attached a picture of her hair at its worst. I am about to wash it right now but wanted some advice before I do. This is usually what her hair looks like maybe three days after washing. Combing it out is impossible even if I douse it in detangler. Ive tried numerous different products.
I stopped using baby shampoo years ago because it was clearly drying out her hair. I moved to kids shampoo (suave and loreal) no luck. I tried AA shampoo, no louck. I am now using my salon brand shampoo (matrix) on her. It def works alot better and leaves her hair softer, but IMO its still horrible.

I went to the store yesterday and bought some new products to try. I bought a pantene detangler, fructis 3 minute rescue deep conditioner, cantu shea butter moisturizer, cantu leave in repair cream, pantene straigt and smooth cream, and a palmers deep con protein pack. I pretty much just grabbed one of everything on the shelf lol.

As for hair styles, I'll usually either put her hair in one ponytail and plat it, or I'll do her hair in maybe two or three and plat it.

So...help!! What can I do better??
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