Thanks for the links!
So I tried my attempt at TC and well.....
All I have to say is now I have a three year old running around with conditioning soaked hair that looks exactly like it did before plus conditioner.
I'm obviously lacking in the kid hairstyle department

Can I now just style her hair with the conditioner in it or should I wash it out? Tightly curly obviously isnt working for us. (or should I say me?)
Originally Posted by stacy1101 will get it eventually. I'm still getting to know my natural texture after being relaxed since the age of 6. My mom just didnt want to deal with my hair...but i think its important for all children to know what they really look like bc before i found the hairboards...i had NO idea i had curly hair!! I didn't know black ppl could have curly keep up the good work with trying! It's important to kill the ignorance about Black hair.

Depending on what kind of conditioner you are using...if it has protein in it i would rinse it out just to avoid protein you have any type of moisturizer on hand?

Have you seen any videos yet on how to twist? It should be easy on her hair as you wouldn't need anything on the ends to hold them in place bc her ends should just curl up at the end of the twists.
2yrs 7 months post relaxer/2 years and 11 months natural

Cleanse: SM Moisture Retention or Suave Naturals shampoos
Co-Wash: Suave Naturals, L'Oreal EverCreme or EverCurl
RO/Detangler: Tresseme Naturals, GVPCB
Leave-In: SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie, TN, GVPCB
Styler: EcoStyler, GF Pure Clean gel, KCCC

Just discovering my hair likes protein!