Please help me with my clarifying dillema:

I am on a no/low poo modified cg routine.

I usually clarify with a LOW POO or Baking Soda/ACV rinses. I AM CURRENTLY OUT OF LOW POO AND ACV!!! I will absolutely not use baking soda without my acv rinse. I have alot of build up and need to clarify, so a co-wash just wont do....and I AM OUT OF LOW POO! I need a home-made remedy to remove buildup and oil from scalp.

I would run to the store but I do not have time I have also been curious about clarifying home remedies/recipes, so if I run out of my acv or product again I dont have to worry.

I do have a teensie bit of sulfate laden regular poo, is there any way I can turn regular shampoo into a low poo by adding conditioner/oils/etc?

Any advice appreciated ty in advance curly girlies!
2b waves

Poor Elasticity
Low Porosity??? (New to this and experimenting)
Medium/coarse texture

Thick density