I had my locs for a little over 7 years. Like you, I contemplated cutting them off for quite some time. I also felt a sense of anxiety when I started to put some serious thought into cutting them. For me, that was a sign that I wasn't quite ready to take that step. I went back and forth for two full years before I finally cut them off. When the right time came, I just knew, and I had no anxiety about it at all. In fact, I remember feeling quite a sense of peace about it and I just knew I was ready. So I got up, grabbed my scissors and cut them off.

I don't regret cutting my locs at all, but it did take me a little while to stop feeling like a stranger was looking back at me in the mirror. I think everything in life has its season, and it was time for my first set to go. But I loved my locs, and I will lock again soon.