I do the baking soda /ACV thing once every week or 2 just to deal with buildup from hard water. Also tried baking soda before my last PT, and followed my post-PT rinse with the ACV rinse. The delayed ACV application didn't seem to cause me any issues.

I use Struttswife's recipes for both. The baking soda clarification recipe is just baking soda mixed into cowash conditioner. After the baking soda cowash, I rinse all the baking soda /condish out, apply ACV rinse (do not rinse out), then continue my normal routine (RO, LI, styler).

I know others prefer baking soda with water, or do their ACV rinse later in their routine. I basically figured that as a professional who works with curls all day long, Struttswife's recipes were a good place to start. I could've tweaked them if need be, after a first try, but my hair responded fine to them as written.
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