~Current hair length: 2-3 inches (I think)
~Natural: just did 2nd big chop January 23, 2012
~Length goal month: 1/2-1 inch a month
~Current Regimen and styling choices:
**Suave Naturals Shea butter shampoo (1 x a week)
**HE hydralicous as RO/co wash (2-3 x a week)
**SM curl milk as leave in/ moisturizer/ sealant ( on avg. 1 x a day to fluff my puff)
**oil scalp with castor oil (1 x a week)
~What do you plan on changing (if anything) to make it to your goal?
PUTTING HAIR IN BOX BRAIDS AT THE MOMENT SO I WONT GET BORED AND DO SOMETHING STUPID. gonna take my hair out every 8- 12 weeks to blow dry and check length then gonna braid it up again. Gonna do this until Jan. 23, 2013 (1 yr. anniversary-when I straighten).
**Shampoo 1 x a month
**co wash/RO Hydralicous (1 x a week)
** wet hair w/ water and seal w/ SM curl milk (3-4 x a week)
** oil scalp w/ castor oil, coconut oil and evoo 1 x a week (mostly castor oil. just trying to get rid of the evoo and coco' oil)
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