I was just to the podiatrist this week and was diagnosed with this problem. He also gave me two stretches to do when leaning against the wall to stretch out the calf muscles. Doesn't seem to be doing much yet, but I'm only a few days into it. The condition is very bad when first getting up in the morning and than again after sitting for long periods of time. After walking a bit, the pain decreases but is still there. I'll have to try and find some quality insoles as well.
2b/3a fine/med-hi density/high porosity (I think)/ highlight-no silicones/sulfates
Lo-poo - ABBA Gentle Shampoo/ Shea Moisture Curl & Shine
Conditioner: GVCB (love it!)/ Regis OO
Leave in
: As I Am
Co-Wash: Tresemme or DevaCurl NoPoo
Stylers: As I Am Curling Jelly/GF Pure Clean/ LALCurl gel - all with BRHG added
Style: scrunch/ diffuse, then air dry. I don't Have much frizz at all