I like your new haircut! I think you are a 3a.
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Whim, your videos were the first things I found on taking care of curly hair and how I found this site, so thank you! Very helpful and informative, and of beautiful hair!
Trying to figure out and maintain protein/ moisture balance
Low sulphates, no silicones Nov 2011

Cleansing: Dove Cool Moisture
RO: AO GPB, Tresseme Naturals, YTT
Stylers- CK, BRHG, AG Re:coil, CJPP, KCCC, HETT mousse

2nd day hair- Paul Mitchell Mousse scrunched in

Easily weighed down, tendency to get OC'd

2c/3a with some curls in there/Med to fine Texture/ Normal Porosity/ Normal Elasticity