I'd posted back in October that I tried this.
Figured I'd post a little more feedback.
My hair is mainly 3B with more wavy than curly toward my face.
I did the SmoothOut in mid October and can report it has now "worn out" of my hair.
It did slowly wear off and I have no line of demarcation showing on new growth. The last two or three times I co-washed I noticed a bit more frizz each time and that my hair wanted more condish left in and more gel too - so I knew the treatment was coming off.
I'll be going next week to get it done again - I'm hooked.
It cut my product use in half, it totally eliminated the frizz and my hair felt great (but it was pretty healthy anyway).
I go later today and get it trimmed - like last time I'm going to have my stylist take off just the very very ends - maybe 1/4 inch - clean the long layers up a bit since I am trying to get it longer.
Since the SmoothOut has worn out - my curl is pulling everything back up more and it looks shorter again. My hair springs up about 5" if I pull it down and let it go.
With the SmoothOut it was hanging down longer - which I liked and I wore it curly most of the time - very rarely did I dry it straight (and when I did - I just used low heat and finger combed it and it was "straightish").

I will try to get my hubby to take a few pics tonight and then later next week after I get it done again and after I wash it and let it dry curly to show you all.

The gal I go to for my cut is not the gal that does the treatment - otherwise I'd have it done again today.