I eat green olives out the jar from the fridge late at night like I'm stealing lol.
Bbq sauce sandwiches
Molasses on spicy sausages, but its only a certain brand.
Alaga syrup on samon patties (the kind frm the can)
Tuna right frm the can
Mickey d's French fries n icecream...I can't remembea any more

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Originally Posted by B-Nessa11
I love BBQ sandwiches. No meat..just let me sop a piece of bread with some good BBQ sauce and I'm good to go.

I love peanut butter and vanilla wafers/graham crackers

I don't have too many unique eating habits..for things I DO eat.

Things I don't eat and why: dark meat chicken/ chicken on the bone...I hate veins and will freak out if I see one in anything I'm eating. I only eat chicken breast strips or nuggets.

Same thing with most fish. I hate those little curly veins!!
4b mostly, with some 4a

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