Hi Ive just found a salon on Military Road Neutral Bay - Nicky at Glitz and Glam has curly hair, and knows how to dry cut etc. Best of all, it is not a trendy salon so the price is pretty good. I suggest avoiding Element Hair in Woolhara - there are a lot of reviews of them re curly hair, but I had a terrible - and expensive - haircut with them 5 weeks ago, and am only just now starting to like my curls again - basically they thinned it all out and turned it into frizz (Type 3A hair), and she combed out my curls when they were dry, which defeats the purpose of dry cutting! cheers Suze[/QUOTE]

Thanks a mil! I can't wait to book my appointment. I'm a 3A/3B, and my current hairdresser, while probably great with straight hair, has done a similar thing to me by "thinning" my hair out by cutting into it twisted sections.