Where do I begin? Lol well my family mostly my cousins always comment on how puffy my hair looks. And if I have it in a Afro there all like Wow! Your hair looks like the sun.
( because my Afro is round) And people told me they like my hair straight And stuff. Also I'm adopted and I was with my mom who is white and with my little sister at the store, and at the time we both had Afros.

We'll this lady comes up to us while we are looking at stuff at walmart and she says. " U know they have this hair product called a relaxer that the girls can use on their hair" like we didnt have a clue about that. and at the moment I wanted to take her out lol. Ugh people are so rude.

Also people grab and smoosh down my hair when it's in a afro and say that it feels like a pillow. And my dad says my hairs cool cause I have a portable pillow lol