mia curl, I just want to know out of these products what everyones favorites are. These are products I hear about on the board the most often, and I wanted it to be a board wide poll to see which was the most popular amongst the curly girls. Thats why I also said if I needed to add products to make the poll complete, do tell. Its so that we can see how many people are using ___ as their HG. If its something someone hasn't tried maybe it will encourage them to try it out. For example, I havent used elucense, and now I think I may give it a try.
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Ha Ha--so sorry about my dense brain today!! Thanks!!

COnditioner--Loving Deva One for condish and Suave Tropical Coconut for wash

style--Loving (lately) AG re;coil and AG details defining cream and AG Liquid Effects gel. Love Angell as well. For creme--re;coil and boots

Poo--Deva No poo, Low Poo, Jessicurl HCC

DT--Ojon deep treatment
2C/3A auburn hair.
between shoulders and BSL