Greetings all,

I am new to this site, and thrilled to find such a wealth of valuable information, albeit somewhat overwhelmed.

I started out with stick-straight hair as a child. During my teens, it started to get wavy, to which I responded with great frustration and an arsenal of tools and products. Despite all that, the trend continued. At 51, my hair is decidedly quite curly, and I have come to embrace the curl wholeheartedly. I wear it long and as curly as it can be.

What I don't love is the coarse feel that is increasing with the curl. I have some gray hair, but not much. I imagine this may be contributing somewhat to this texture. And though I no longer use shampoo and use a blow-dryer with a diffuser very sparingly, I'm sure my regimen could use some tweaking. Starting tomorrow, no terrycloth towel, and I will take a stab at plopping (though I find that word a little silly). I'll make sure I'm not using products with silicones. I'll use a good deep conditioner. And I'll report back how all this works.

Does anyone else have experience with hair going from silky-straight to curly-coarse? Any advice?


P.S. I have always been a product junkie. My funds are extremely limited at this point in my life, so I need to find the right products and stick with them, and stop the endless search for the 'miracle product'.

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