Drainclogger, could you explain what you mean that you use a plastic vent brush? Do you do that in advance of the twerling? I may be misunderstanding your post: are you using the plastic vent brush to actually do the twirling and how do you do that?

Thanks, everyone for your input! and Geek_Chic for the video and instructions.
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After my hair is wet and with styling product in it, I take a section of hair, brush from roots to almost the end, then I twirl the brush around until the strand forms a corkcrew. One last twirl at the end and a gentle pull and the end is done too. (I don't skip btw, I just twirl). I only do this on SOAKING hair and with cond or styling product that has a lot of slip to it. I learned accidentally how to do this when my arm was in a cast and I couldn't actually use my fingers to twirl! It gives very smooth, defined curls. I do lose some volume with this method...desirable in most seasons for my hair type.
2C in most weather, but in summertime I impersonate a 3 very very well!