insomnia, forgetfulness, spaciness, stiffness, swelling, speech and language difficulties, cold intolerance and never ending fatigue. Even when I do sleep, I don't wake up rested.

If and when I ever have a good day, it's so easy for me to over-do and then have rebound symptoms for day on end afterwards.
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Well, I could have written that right there, but I always attributed feeling like this to my thyroid problem, even though my endocrinologist has adjusted my medication to death and I still feel the same. I know these symptoms could be a lot of things, but I put off going to the Dr. because since moving I hate the thought of searching for one and of going in and giving them my laundry list of how crappy I feel, I just envision them looking at me like I'm nuts.

Interesting thread.
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Everyone thought I was nuts except my husband. He met me back when I was healthy and he could see how I had changed over the years. My biggest fear was being told it was all in my head and I needed an anti-depressant. I've been depressed; I've been on anti-depressants. I knew this was different. Hugely different.

I went to the doctor several times and they always focused on the fatigue side of my complaints and I was given sleep aids, none of which worked for me. I was advised to eat right and exercise. I do eat pretty healthy. I do yoga everyday and walk 3-4 days a week.

I finally got a diagnosis because I fell over a 3 foot high retaining wall and landed on concrete. My elbow was the first thing that hit. It was a sharp intense pain at first but then in a few minutes it was just a horrible ache like the rest of me. So I just cleaned it up and actually went to dinner with my husband immediately afterwards. I just kept going with my daily routine for many days. A couple of weeks later I got pneumonia (unrelated to the fall) and was sent for a chest x-ray. I was standing there in the hospital gown and my doctor walked into the room and saw the dark bruise that covered my entire elbow and where it had spread down the back of my forearm. She insisted it be x-rayed as well. I had a "celery" break. The bone that runs from the pinky side of my hand up to my elbow was broken long-ways starting at the elbow joint and down about 3.5 inches from the elbow. She FREAKED OUT. How could I not know it was broken????? Because after the intial sharp pain was over, it didn't hurt any worse than the rest of me. That really got her attention and she became obsessed with figuring out what was wrong with me. A few weeks later I was given the diagnosis of fibromyalgia and an orthopaedic surgeon confirmed it. I also have arthritis in my spine but that is secondary to the FM issues.