The last time, she went ahead and did it. She didn't charge anything extra. Usually, they don't dry it or else they ask. Though, I typically cut my own hair. My hair has straightened naturally so much that I think they now will assume i want to wear it straight (and I usually do unless it's one of those rare nice humid days that I can get a nice full wave!).

I only went to a salon b/c at this shorter length, I can't cut it myself w/o butchering it. I haven't decided what to do with it long-term. Salons are pricey esp. if your hair grows fast. I typically don't care what they do as far as methods of cutting, drying etc. I don't like to spend a lot so I give them freedom tho I'm pretty particular about them not cutting too much or layering if I did not ask for that! If it gets fluffy or something from their blowdrying or styling, I just pull it back. I always have to mess with it myself later anyway!