I feel like smoking is what makes my hair grow slow, thin, frizz.. & all that. heck.. its the reason for a lot of the problems in my life, lol. I'm preparing myself to quit tho; cutting back, gaining support, eating more (which is actually helping cravings & making me feel better in general). I wanna be healthy & age beautifully, put sum weight on, lol. I've been smoking about a half pack, or a sliver more a day (sometimes a lot more :/ ) since I was 14. I'm 19.

Simply put, I'm a real routine smoker.
When I wake up.
After any meal.
In the car.
Once every hour, maybe two if I can resist.
Before work-after work (the first after a long day, u kno)
Before I go to bed. I will have such bad insomnia if I don't have one before bed. Thankfully, since cutting back (& picking up more hrs at work) some nights I won't feel the need & sleep peacefully.

I need a change of pace in my life, baby steps, small changes. Like waking up earlier & going to bed at a decent time. Making sure I'm actually eating three meals a day. Interestingly enough, I'm craving different things like sugars & caffeine, things I never paid much attention to while eating but probably needed in my diet. Drinking more water.
At one point I began taking a prenatal (for vitamins) every day & got the WORST migraines, come to find out it was just harshly detoxing my intoxicated system, LOL. Not funny, I kno :/
Getting into better habits is helping tho. Even making cigarettes a lot less tasteful & appealing.

I've gotten down to about 7 or less a day.. that's pretty good for me. I use smoking to deal with anxiety, I think.. I grew up in a pretty stressful home & my mother & I didn't/dont have much of a relationship. I'm rly trying to move out lol

I plan on cutting back more & more before I set a "quit date". I want to ready my body, learn to cope with daily cravings. I may even try an electronic cigarette for occasional use.. sad thing is I can't get the feel for them.
There's breathing exercises, & other types of exercises I want to try. I'm meaning to invest in a gym membership with my man <3. Pick up on an old hobby or a new one.

I just kno its really important to have a lot of support in various areas. So if anyone is interested in trying to quit with me, we definitely should quit! Lol.


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