Um, yeah I guess. But this is asking for pics of 3c hair...

Ain't no wonder we get all these 'what's my hair type' threads.
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I get that.. I also think people should be able to figure it out for themselves given that the descriptions are pretty clear. I've said it before.. hold up a pipe cleaner, a Sharpie marker, a penspring, or whatever and compare. It's not rocket science. But seems like a lot of folks still need validation from others, and whether or not they are "3c" they can still post here. There's no need for curl segregation.

That's also why I posted about four different threads showing 3c hair pictures upthread.. they can take it or leave it.
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That's y I go to 4a 4b as well. I'm learning curl pattern is only helpful to me for styling. My have is crap because I feel I have every type and ins just have to wait until it grows out to get a general idea. Anywho from the beginning u always helped me! Thanx Hun! Xoxo