Wile, I didn't know you couldn't run anymore. I'm sorry. I'm still pounding the pavement...well really, the treadmill belt. I'm running my 1st race in March...an out-of-town 8K. I'm pretty stoked. Hubs is doing it too, along w/some friends from work. I want to keep up w/the running, but also want to add in something else. Been thinking about kettle bells...they look awesome to me, but this thread also has interesting suggestions. Hmm, what to do, what to do?
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Yeah, it sucks...ty for that
And since I've had my acute pancreatitis, I've not done much in the way of exercise due to doc's orders...boooo
So, after almost a month! not being able to do regular exercise, I'm back on my Treadclimber 30 min 3x a week. Once again, I've got my hip pains/aches the whole time! while working out...ugh So, now it's getting them acclimated again. I am hoping to keep on track...it's literally a pain! lol
Awesome on the running! Let us know how it goes. For me, I just have to mix things up...imho, the most important thing is to just stay/remain active, tho moderation in eating, as well...