I'm 50 and have acne issues and aging issues. I also have issues with hyperpigmentation. I don't use any products that I dislike. I only spend my time and money on anti-aging products that are scientifically proven to do something...Retin-A is the only thing proven to reduce fine lines, and DMAE is the only thing I know of proven to firm skin. I don't use daily sunscreen...scandalous I know...but sunscreen hasn't been proven to prevent long-term sun damage. I do something more simple to prevent sun damage...I stay out of the sun. I also wear mineral makeup daily, which has a bit of natural sun protection, which I feel protects me from incidental exposure. If I do need to be out in the sun, I wear hats, and wear the strongest sunscreen I can find, and wash it off as soon as I can after I'm out of the sun. Daily moisturizers with sunscreen are a waste of time, because the sunscreen part is mostly inactive after 2 hours, so applying it at 9am is not going to protect you from sun at 2pm...false sense of security. I don't generally use any moisturizer, because I'm oily-skinned and don't really need it. Besides, moisturizers break me out.


Before gym:

Rinse with water
Apply Vit C serum

After gym:

Cleanse with PSF Gentle Cleansing Castile
Mineral makeup


Cleanse with PSF GCC
Retin-A and hydraquinone 4% (skin lightener)