Hi Chris
I need to clarify for you that I haven't actually had Nicky at Glitz and Glam cut my hair yet - I've just made an appointment for a few weeks from now, as I work nearby and somebody recommended them to me. When I went in there to make the appointment, they seemed open to dry cutting and not thinning it out, and the price is very reasonable, so for me that was a big plus. Also the fact that Nicky has naturally curly hair, and wears it curly, is a bonus too.

If you go there can you please let me know how you go as well?

From my experience so far in sydney, I've been desperate enough for a good haircut to pay over $120 in the top salons for stylists who claim to be curly hair experts, but then proceed to thin it out, by which time it's too late to stop them.

so I reckon that finding the right person in a small local salon has just as much luck of a good haircut for curly hair as an expensive fancy one!! Good luck!