Simply beautiful! You are soo making me want to get a Devacut. I loooove that pic of the back of your hair. My hair curls very nicely on the sides but the back takes soo much effort that I am starting to think that a good cut will make this area more curly.
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Ditto all of this!
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It probably would help. Couldn't hurt! I think she brought out (back?) more curl by cutting on the curl and blending the layers. I do notice that it seems like she thinned a little. Well, maybe not thinning, but the cuts are not blunt but they are tapered, meaning the ends of the curls are tapered and thinner than the tops. Make sense? LIke point cutting, but a little more drastic than I've had in the past.

I'll probably be washing later today (after the hiking), but then I might color tomorrow so I'll have to wait to see how it works when I style myself. But I will update and try to take more pics if it looks different.

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