They do, but I'm really unphotogenic. I like looking at pics of you and Phoenix in makeup better, anyway. She's an artist, and you seem to have the sort of face that wears makeup well.

I think some of it is personal style. I dress very casually, and a face full of makeup with a t-shirt and jeans and pink suede boots just doesn't quite work. At least for me, out here in the sticks. Maybe in New York or New Orleans. I don't know. I feel like some women just carry it better.

I do like fake hillbilly teeth or stick-on mustaches, though.
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i understand...but if you ever decide to share this would be a great place. i know the nail thread is really supportive and encouraging and i've learned so much. i was hoping to replicate that here with our eye and lip looks.

and thanks for the compliment! i love playing in makeup for different looks. i own probably 15 makeup books and i'm the girl that tears out pages of looks i like in magazines and tries to recreate them. i also do so freelance makeup artist work, mostly for weddings and special events, not movies or runway. it's really fun!
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