I've been having a hard time emotionally dealing with this huge weight loss and I’m not even at goal yet. My entire wardrobe is too big. Like 2-3 sizes too big. You would think that would be a great problem to have….not so much on my end. It used to be that even at my heaviest, my mindset was “I might be the biggest thang in this room, but I’m almost the best dressed and stylishly put together so take that skinny bishes”. Yeah now I feel like I’m a walking advertisement for “What not to wear” and I fully expect Stacy and Clinton to ambush me with video footage of my saggy booty pants and potato sack shirts. I used to LOVE going through my closets and putting together outfits that showed off the best of me but now getting dressed in the morning is such a chore and is overwhelming and stressful and I dread it daily.

I spent last night going through my closets with a close friend of mine and she made me try on every stitch of clothing…right down to my draws and bras and forced me to get rid of everything that was potato sackish. There went of my clothes…literally we filled up 4 huge plastic bins. The remaining stuff though still too big, can be modified with belts and such to mask the size difference and will get me through the winter. I don’t know what I’m going to do come spring because none of those clothes are going to fit and who wants to drop $$$ on new clothes that will be too big in 1-2 months?

Compounding the issue is that I’m having issues letting go of the too big clothes. In my head I *know* they are too big, I can’t wear them, they are taking up space in my house, and that I should give them to someone or a charity that can make good use of them. However, emotionally, it’s hard parting with them. I keep thinking “what if I gain the weight back…now I’m gonna have to buy all new clothes again”. I mean I’ve got suits and clothes that still have the tags on them…never even wore them, can’t return them to the store don’t really want to be bothered with trying to sell them on ebay or anything. I don’t understand why I’m having such a hard time parting with clothes…things…it’s just…SIGH.

Any advice or words of wisdom?
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