Honestly, I didn't deal with it very well: a lot of it is right upstairs in my storage loft, collecting dust.

I think that giving things away to a person or group that can use them is cleansing, though I agree that it's also oddly painful. It's like you're giving away a part of yourself.
Originally Posted by ninja dog
YES!!! This (the bolded) is what I'm struggling with...espically the giving away a part of yourself thing. Even at my heaviest, I liked me. I didn't like the weight or the health implications....I didn't like the fact that it was hard to move at the gym or that clothes cost more, any of that stuff but I liked ME and my clothes were a reflection of me (does that make sense?).

I do have a friend who's GF is about my size. They recently have been having some financial problems because of medical bills and the GF has gained some weight due to medical issues. She's coming over to my house tomorrow and is going through the clothes and is taking her pick of the litter. Hearing her voice and knowing that someone who needs this stuff and will put it to good use does make it a tad bit easier.
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