hey girl, yeah for you on the great weight loss!

i think you definitely have to part with anything that doesn't fit well. anything that can be altered cheaply or belted you can keep. buy a few nice pieces that fit and you feel good in until you can go down again. think of it sort of how women have to buy maternity wear, you can not buy the maternity clothes or squeeze into stuff and not feel cute but life is too short to feel bad about your appearance when you can do something about it! shop sales, use coupons, buy smart pieces that you can keep if you want, keep it simple but don't let go of your fashion sense just because you're losing weight and not at your desired size yet. also, i've found that in general it's best to always be buying a few pieces here and there AND getting rid of a few pieces here and there no matter what size you are. this is a good time to reassess your wardrobe philosophy in general. i'm going through that too as i see how many things i have that i never wear or that are 5+ years old and just need to go at this point. just my 2 cents.
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