Well, this thread is evil because instead of going in and ONLY getting my Biotera gel I also got:

Noodlhead mousse
GVP conditioning balm

And thanks to a thread on nail polish in the general discussion forum I also got a buffer and some buffing cream.

My Sally's must have is the Biotera gel. I've been using it for years, the price is awesome and I love that I can get it in the liter size and refill my smaller bottle, especially when they have it on sale.
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Exactly! I have enough Biotera gel (I also buy the liter and refill my smaller bottle!). But I need a trip to Sally's. I want to try their version of the spin pins, if I can remember the name. (edit: these - http://www.sallybeauty.com/corkscrew...efault,pd.html ) It's been a while since I've been in there for a good browse.

ETA: I've never had any flaking with the gel.

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