It really can depend on the products you use.

My first attempt, with Jessicurl stuff, loved the products, but clearly they were not meant for me. It gave me a taste of the curls though.

I finally found some co's here that were CG - natures gate, giovanni, and one sole lonely bottle of V05 kiwi & lime (lol no price, no shelf tag, nothing... I think it was an interloper at the supermarket!!!!). My hair loves the kiwi & lime, and giovanni... natures gate I think will be a substitute at times. After a week of this, went to a party last night where I had people ooh-ing and aahhh-ing over my hair it looked sooooo good! Lots of volume (Its very thick anyway), lots of curl, a little frizz... but gorgeous shine I will never look back to the days of fluffy frizzy shapeless hair