I've always been pretty insecure about my curly hair and even though I'm following most of the CG method I'm still combating Frizz.........and negative comments. In retrospect this is a rather funny story but I had no idea how to respond then.

I was walking into class, minus my BFF who was on a trip, when one of the football players(behind me) was "Hey her hair looks like a poodle." Being guys they laughed and my teacher smiled at me and said "Morning Curly Sue. I LIKE it." She's such a crazy little old lady I did have to smile then. Well the said football player came back in looking a bit sheepish and asked me. "Did you hear what I said?" I nodded and he stared at my hair for a minute.
"Is your hair naturally curly?" Again I nodded.
"Oh......well sorry."

So I still can't figure out if he was apologizing for being mean or because my hair was naturally curly
Regardless I'm glad I found this site and other people who go through the same "If only you would straighten your hair....." From various girls who straighten their already straight hair every morning.
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