Okay, folks! The condensed custard and the three gift samplers are now up on her site and etsy (I think)! The custard is on sale for 12 bucks until midnight sunday!

I passed on the custard and got me the honey and sweet treat samplers along with the cupuacu coco-nilla serum <3

I wonder what free sample I'll get...!
Type 4, fine/high density, high porosity
Last Relaxer - March '11
BC - August '11

Fall/Winter PRODUCTS

Clarifier - Paul Mitchell Three Low-poos - BoBeam Conditioners - TJ Nourish Spa, CJRM!, Co-Wash - N/A, Leave-Ins - N/A, Moisturizers - Afroveda Coco Latte, QBCTDG, CR Moisture Butter, Sealants/Stylers - Any BASK butters and creams, Jane Carter N&S, QBATB