I ordered the Liquid Keratin on Amazon after I learned about it on this site. I applied it myself. I ordered the 4 oz bottle and have been able to use it about 3-4 times. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Its the only product I have found that actually does exactly what it says it will do- which is the first time since I went natural that I have found a product that does that. (I bought the Anti-Frizz Treatment from Bio-Ionic after learning about it on this website and that product DID NOT WASH OUT, and set me back a whole year and a half and I had to start growing out my hair from scratch) Its super easy to do yourself. I have 3 C hair and found that when I first apply it my hair is amazingly straight and frizz free. I can also wear it curly (after waiting three days) and my hair appears smoother. The only comment I would make as is that it supposed to last 30 days and it has been my experience that by the 3 week, I am eagerly looking forward to re-applying and doing it again. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! Its the best product ever. I wish I had come across it before coming across the horrible Bio-Ionic.