I have not worn my hair naturally curly for 10 years. Before that I brushed it out and wore it in a ponytail, then I have been straighteing my hair or wearing it in a ponytail for 10 years, and it is starting to break off. I recently got an inch off of the length, and decided to start trying the curly girl method. This is my 2nd day, and maybe I'm expecting better results from it, but not sure if there is something wrong with my hair? The back is super curly, the top and front seem matted down, and the bottom is stringy.
My question I guess is what do you think I'm doing wrong, or am I? Do I need to continue and wait to see if my hair gets better, if so how long till hair starts looking good? Or, do I need to cut more hair off, since the top is very curly, or can I nurture those ends back to health? Thanks for your help
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