Thank you so much for your help, there is a lot of imformation to process. I thought my Aveda conditioner would be good because it's supposed to be all natural, but you are right there are cones in it. Last night, after reading more on this site, I went and bought a few different conditioners to try.

-Vo5 Herbal Escapes, free me freesia conditioner
- Garnier Fructis Triple nutrition
-Burt's Bees Super shiny Grapefruit and sugar beet

I think that I was thinking "the more the better" after reading Curly Girl, and so I do think I totally over did the product. I also am wondering if my underneath hair has a protein sensitivity, because it is coarse and like straw.

A couple more questions if you don't mind... Do you think I should wash with a sulfate shampoo and start over? And, do you think it would be better to wash with the Loreal cleansing conditioner or one of these others I bought, and which one do I use as a rinse out leave in?

Thank you again so much for your help