if you want a hair type, I would say 3b. It curls straight from the root down. My hair felt blah at the back of my scalp right after my shower even though I thoroughly co washed my whole scalp multiple times (anywhere it didn't feel clean after rinsing, I tried again, lol. 2nd day hair looks very blah and kinda greasy even if I did my hair the night before. It is looking curlier/nicer other than that....

I'm guessing my scalp is adjusting to the lack of low-poo w/ the occasional sulfate shampoo and is producing a lot of oil right now?

Or do you think my products could be too moisturizing?

Here's what I'm using:

Co-wash: V05 Kiwi Lime

RO: GVP Conditioning Balm (I get a lot of tangles, I've always needed a heavy conditioner, this helps and I do keep it away from my scalp so I'm thinking that this couldn't be causing the heaviness- at least at the scalp- since it seems the hair that seems the greasiest, even after using a lot of the V05 is near the scalp...

The first day I tried HETT as my gel but it didn't give me near enough hold, so then I tried LALSG but had some frizz/ wasn't as shiny, so then I added the Bioterra gel w/ some LALSG scrunched in right before I get out of the shower.

So, anyone think I should try any diff products or do you think I am just going through the dreaded transition period?

Should I mix a bit of baking soda in w/ the V05 for my cowash followed by an ACV rinse today or should I switch something up?

Other CG co-washes I have on hand are: Suave Waterfall Mist, old formula White Rain in Jasmine or Energizing Citrus.

I have GFTN I could use as my RO instead,

I also have my Condition 3 in 1 mousse that has 1 water souluble cone in it that I could try in place of the bioterra gel, lalsg or both...

any thoughts would be *greatly* appreciated, thank you!! I have about 2 hours before I am going to shower, if I don't hear anything, I plan on trying the BS/ACV/conditon b/c I'm going out tonight and really don't want to have greasy hair.