I'm using regular castor oil for my hair and also eyelashes and let me tell you that it works. My lashes are fuller and you can see the growth from one day to the other. Also my hair is growing and is thicker. To help you decide, I started using it on my sister's hair as she had some bald spots and the bald spots are not bald anymore and her hair was really thin. Not anymore. She was so happy with the results that she went and bought a bottle of the JBCO as I told her it was stronger than the regular one.

Go for it.

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Really? From one day to the other? I did not notice that in my case (as far as my eyelashes go), but I wasn't expecting results that fast. Do you (and your sister) use the JBCO on the scalp every day? Do you leave it in or wash it out after a while? How soon did you notice the growth?
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On my eyelashes I noted the results on the next day. On hair I just noted the new growth being thicker. I put it on my scalp once a week at night with a plastic cap and wash it on the next day. On my eyelashes I also put it at night with a clean mascara brush and then wash it in the morning.

But, once a week I also apply one mask, at night, that I've done with shea butter, castor, argan, peppermint, jojoba and coconut oils. So, I wash my hair twice a week after applying different treatments. One with pure castor oil and the other with my homemade mask.

It works and I'm really happy with it.

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