I used to fight with my ex about how to treat books.

He felt they deserve a certain reverence, whereas I beat mine up by taking them everywhere; reading in the tub; spilling coffee on them in the car; dropping them on the floor then forgetting them until a certain DOG chews the cover, or losing them amidst unfolded laundry.

I always felt like I won the dispute because I'm a writer, and I could give a **** what people do to the actual item, as long as they read the words.

I think he always felt like he won the dispute because his books were always in better shape than mine. And he would chortle when he caught me reading his version of What's To Do With The Boy? rather than my own.

Either way, I've paid lots of money to my local library over the years. When I considered moving a few years back, one of my greatest hesitations was about using another library system, since mine is stellar.