argh... sorry for feeding your PJs!! I hope the people that have brought the shea moisture leave in on my rec like it

bibbles... I'm not too sure what you did wrong, i had very mixed results with aloe as a leave in so i just use mine in deep treatment mixtures now and love using it that way. Are you on CG? Whats your hair type? Maybe it doesn't quite give you enough hold? Also (sorry to throw another product in) i have read posts before where people have used aloe mixed with a drop of jojoba oil and had good results... the jojoba can help de-poof a little if the aloe isn't enough by itself. Sorry i can't help more but i kind of gave in experimenting with aloe as a gel on wet hair, i did get some good results though using a tiny amount on dry hair.

I've added some pics of my hair for anyone interested... they show how fine and wimpy my curls are but also how spirally the leave-in makes them!