I'm really hoping someone on here can help me with this problem because I can't think of a solution. So I usually go out once or twice a week to a club or bar, and while I love being out, I don't love the smoke smell that ends up in my hair by the end of the night. It's really strong and I can smell it pretty much whenever I move my head. This bothers me especially because even if I have second day hair the next morning, the smoke smell ruins it. I've tried spraying a body spray on my hair (didn't do much) and even tried spraying Febreeze on my hair (I figured if it works for clothes, maybe it would work on my hair, but unfortunately it didn't). Does anyone have a way to get the smoke smell out, other than washing my hair? I was hoping for something a little easier/less time consuming than that, but I'm thinking that may be my only option.
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