i used an aveyou coupon and purchased the a few items. the soylicious conditioner(i think it has the same ingreds as the hair milk)i didn't like this condish it had no slip i added some castor oil to it and that gave it a little slip. i also purchased the almond jai it's a keeper it left my hair moisturized and soft. that gel was o.k i won't repurchase it because it's not really a gel it's thick cream and my hair turned out fluffy but very dry by the end of the day plus i think my hair has beef with aloe and i really don't need another cream/butter. the algae condish to me lacked something it just didn't have what my hair needed my hair felt like straw after i rinsed. i really do love the growth serum/oil i use it on my scalp, it's making my thin spot thicken up and blend with the rest of my hair.