Yes, most of my friends have wavy hair. Two of them just cut their hair to collarbone length, so they always straighten it but they both have 2a waves. One of my friends had the most gorgeous 3a dark Darla from Little Rascals curls, but now they're more frizzy 2b/2c waves from straightening it. I have one friend with 3a/3b curls, and they are so completely gorgeous and I'm so jealous of them! They're always perfect and bouncy and red, and she's not even CG. She just uses Pantene I think and they are sooooo pretty and I just want them so much. And i have one friend with 3b curls that she scrunches with mousse but theyre not very pretty. Otherwise the rest have straight hair
2c/3a, fine texture, normal porosity, medium-to-thick
Co wash: Vo5 Extra Body
Conditioners: Deva One Condition, GVP CB, Loreal Evercurl
Stylers: Devacurl ArcAngel, KCCC, AG Recoil, Iso Bouncy Creme, Ecostyler Krystal, CCCCL, KCKT
Low Poo: Devacurl NoPoo, GTTT
Hair likes: plopping, diffusing, SMaster's, coconut and argan oil, honey, protein
"What makes a woman unforgettable? Her mind...surrounded by lots of naturally curly hair"