Is there any other choice? I don't think either pair is doing you justice. The first pair is more stylish but the frames are too widening and cover up your eyebrows.

The second pair OK for your face shape but kind of old ladyish and lacks any flair.

I hope I am not disheartening you - it's just that I've worn glasses for 59 years and have helped friends buy glasses. If the choice narrows to these 2, I would have to say the first one because, although I don't think it is great for your face shape, at least it has some style and you look happier in it (but that may be because you are smiling more).

How about trying other shapes? One rule with glasses is to try to buy a shape opposite your face shape. For example, if you want to stay neutral, have you tried on a pair of thin, black, square frames? Have you considered colors? With your lovely hair, I could see black, blue, iridescent silver, red, violet, rose. Avoid yellow, beige, tortoise or green.

Hope this is helpful and not negative.
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I thnk everyone has been very helpful.
Right now these are my two choices, as funds are limited, and I can have either pair relensed inexpensively.

I wear cheap readers and have gotten tired of breaking or losing them, so now I'm springing for progressives, so I can walk around without taking off my glasses.
I also have an appointment for a contact lens fitting, so if that turns out well, these glasses may not be a permanent fixture.

Curlypearl, you are correct, I could probably find a better choice of frames, but right now, I need to use frames that I already own. I will keep your advice in mind If I am in the position to afford brand new ones!