I like GVP Conditioning Balm, wouldn't say I LOVE it, though.
This is what I'm currently using, but I feel like I get split ends really fast, any suggestions?

Suave Naturals Coconut Conditioner (cowash)
GVP Conditioning Balm (conditioner and leave in)
LA Looks Sport Gel
Herbal Essences Body Envy Mousse

This is all I ever use in my hair. I need volume because the roots of my hair are so flat, but I don't think the mousse I'm using is CG and I'd like to go completely CG. I was a little confused in reading this thread, are Beyond the Zone Tame Your Curls Mousse and the "noodlehead" mousse the same thing? Do they help with volume? Or more with curl form?

I also need a good deep condish from sally's and a good heat protectant (for when I occasionally straighten my hair--can you get CG heat styling products?) For some reason it is so hard for me to figure out what is and what is not CG, I like it when people tell me what works and then I experiment on that haha. Thanks in advance!
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It looks like you have a pretty healthy hair regiment, besides the occasional straightening. I would point out that sometimes splits are not due to the products we use, but the ways that we handle our hair. It could be the hair accessories you use, how you detangle, how you style your hair, etc. Be gentle in all these things and hopefully you will see a decrease in splits. Also I would try dusting (going through hair by hair) your ends and cutting out the splits. That will help too, although it's a bit tedious.

My fave heat protectant from Sally's is the GVP spray heat protectant... I don't think it's a dupe of anything, but it works! It does have a drying alcohol in it though. I've also tried the beyond the zone mousse heat protectant, which is cone and alcohol free, but it didn't work as well for me.

Oh and I think the HE mousses are all CG. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

As far as DTs you may be able to use the GVP conditioning balm as one, if you add in some honey and oils maybe. It always seemed super thick to me. It's my go-to, HG moisturizing CO.

Other products I like from sally's:
My comb (lol)
My sleeping cap
My duckbill clips
Tangle teezer <3 <3
Flexi rods
Seche vite top coat
orly top n bottom coat (all in one!)
queen helene's raspberry face scrub

I love Sally's because they have such a nice variety of not just products, but styling tools as well.

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